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New video coming up rn!!
Hi every watcher of mine and all my new watchers!! i just wanted to give u all an update that i wont be active so much due to business, art to finish, drama, and issues at home ^^; but i've also been learning how to do more art rather than just Trandigital art!! i'm gonna do Digital art, Sprite art, Manga art, Comic art, My new art style, Paintings and so much more! so i'm so sorry that i haven't posted lately for these types of reasons plz forgive me..also more youtube videos are coming up!! stay tuned for that as well, but do not worry!! this doesnt mean i'm Depressed or i'm leaving!! i mean y leave? this website had brought all of my amazing watchers i have today!! i love you all u are all the ones that keep me going and always wanna make me do more art for u all. i have realized to that some people have kinda been getting tired of me doing just trandigital art and just sonic art, they want more and u know what ill try to do more as soon as i can, also i will try to do more Mangas, comics, and books!!!! well internet books X"D but i promise all of u, u will all get to know more information about my characters and fan characters, i know u all are waiting to read my bio of Ember the hedgehog!! i promise u all ill do more!! i love u all and just wanna give a great shout out to everyone below here! plz watch them and maybe, possibly, and hopefully sub to there youtube videos!!

Shout outs go to:

my little brother :icontaurino371: <-- a nice brother, very funny, and makes some good quality ass content XDD

my best friend who i also call my big brother: :iconhellhound1221:

my cousin: :icondarmyster100:

internet brother: :icongladioaugus17:

the rest goes to!:

:iconaaronkasarion: :iconteslarossa: :iconknockabiller: :iconizzydawolf14: :iconphantasya-naos: :iconxxharileychrissyxx: :iconxxgoldie2003xx: :iconsniperthesilverbar: :icontomtodd774: :iconnicolasthehedgehog: :iconemilyhedgehog67: :iconethereal-harbinger: :iconsontanku: :iconvioletkaos: :icongreenflme912: :icontenshi-wendigo: :iconarturojulibohedgehog: :iconking-fire-storm: :iconxxxxxemmaxxxxx: :iconctc-tomboy: :iconshirathelionhog2: :iconchocoecaramell: :iconxxrexerxx: :iconsonicrulez21: :iconprototypetheory: :iconmialindlen-son: :icondubxsonic: :iconkingchristine: :iconinferno111: :iconk-e-y-k-o: :icong-chao: :iconrunelukas: :icononyx-silver: :icontechnotheshahesh: :iconaeon-the-hedgehog: :icondarkesttempest: :iconsharely: :iconjoeyb1001: :icondarkadowgaiawolf: :iconmmgreatartist456: :iconarung98: :icondonniebuilds: :iconoturedreamcatchero: :iconmegaer: :iconcrisskitty: :iconthedeadlywaffle: :icongreen-bolt: :iconnightmarebear87: :icondeiscanseisei: :icontriple84e: :iconzennightwingdragon: :iconmetroidhedgie: :iconplasmoidthehedgehog: :iconyunofreak: :iconjamsonic: :iconpikamaster123: :iconstewie106: :icontoxic-sweettooth: :iconshattered-reaper: :iconthedemoncj: :iconmorpheus-the-dog: :iconxxscrumpyxx: :iconteamfortressplayer3: :icongothscarlet: :iconj-matt: :icona7xfan666: :iconvulkano-hedgehog: :iconsakicherryblossom: :iconboyslenderp: :icons0nicchick: :iconthe-hylian-doctor: :icontrayvonism: :iconspadethewolf: :iconhomestar87: :iconthepiratecoveman: :iconfusionburst: :iconadp133: :icongamebunny: :icontheamazinggman: :iconaglassofbuizel: :iconpunkxdemon96: :icondash896: :iconfroexd: :icontrayvonism: :iconkwamijacobs: :iconfargus: :iconspookytrap: :iconcylent-nite: :icontealstreaks: :iconkingn185: :iconsabrinathehedgefox: :iconsonickid20021: :iconskulltrx:

i hope u all enjoyed reading this!! and i still deeply apologize to all those who have been waiting for requests of mine and even took....a....year......*hides* SORRY!! *gets back up* but anyways i hope u all enjoyed this and hears some songs u all would love!!!! :D 

 This is a song to all my watchers!! i love u all!! and this song is for all the depressed who feel all alone....U ARE NOT ALONE AND NEVER GIVE IN!!

Look how fucked up this is and YouTube Doesn't do anything about this?!?!?! This is outrages!!!!!!!!!…
Someone plz ban these idiots.
He trying to ban me by GladioAugus17
A game every sonic fan would love to play!!!!
this song would definitely make u smile and keep u going.....i hope u all like it and its not my song!
this song would definitely make u smile and keep u going.....i hope u all like it and its not my song!…
Warning this song contains badass singing and badass music lol XD i thought this song was perfect for he face of my account lol XD I hope u all like it!!……
He's going through so much and just lost a loved one......this is very heartbreaking and he really needs comfort...plz give him points, talk to him respectively, give him advice, and plz let him know he's not alone....i know how its like to loose someone u love....but...plz just help him.... onion sad Sad Foxy Animated Chat Icon 

There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends

Re-post by ShiratheLionhog2
happy birthday to MoonlightsPeak ......i wish u come back to DA but i hope ur safe.... Sad Foxy 
I sometimes wonder y people on here hate me so much, I always get attacked a's usually a common thing but one little thing I do I get attacked or hated on for the rest of the month.............I just get exhausted of drama so much but yet it still happens towards against me every single day..what makes me the bad guy here?
Full of regrets.....I wish to fix all of it....this song is what I feel everyday sometimes.....
U all can ship any of my OCs whenever u want! Although some of my OCs wouldn't be allowed to be ship because some people like characters ship my characters but for my characters not to be shipped with others, but the rest of my OCs u all can ship!!!! Even Ember!! X3
I found soooooooo many old sonic characters and so much more characters I made in the past I barely remember!! So I'll be adopting most of them soon!! But some them I may have interest in using again X3
I dont usually do tags Sonic Shrug Emote 

Tagged by SakiCherryBlossom 

1. I have depression which is y i loose motivation on things and loose interests in my own creations, i just don't like them sometimes.. XD
2. I'm left and right handed.
3. I love music which is the reason y i wish to be in hard rock group one day.
4. I can be lazy on drawing, writing stories, and more sometimes because of what ideas to think of thinking how to make them. XDDDD
5. I love sleep.
6. I wish to do more than just transitional art.
7. I'm catholic, do not judge me for my religion!!
8. I wish to inspire my watchers
9. I'm not in any fan base, i just love to draw sonic characters! plz dont kill me!!! 030
10. My fav Deviantart youtubers are Teslarossa and SirElliot24 <--R.I.P Kitty0706! ;n; u will be missed!!

I tag them!! 030

Teslarossa sorry and probably not sorry! XD

I hope u liked it lol :ayylmao: 
this may be his perminent one idk XD if u find a theme for him send me! :3 only rock though XD

Ember the hedgehog poster (Sonic adventure style) by FlamingSkullz245
U all should go follow KingN185 !!!! He has badass art and amazing characters!! I honestly wish I was like him XD his art is amazing and he's such a cool guy ^^
Taurino371 is really sick right now, just pray that he gets well soon plz...I'll pray for him..